AdWeek "Sephora's New Digital Campaign is a Timely Anthem for Inclusivity"

The mainstream beauty industry is constantly telling women how to look and feel. 
Sephora tasked us to create a brand message true to their mission "Let's Beauty Together" 
while also celebrating individuality.

We created a brand message that welcomed any person to
#NeverStop being whomever they choose to be, going beyond makeup.

It was such an honor and pleasure collaborating with our Sephora clients and Director Malia James
in casting talent beyond conventional advertising, beauty, fashion norms.

Holy shit, featuring a woman over age 40; a woman who is gender fluid/trans; 
women of a range of skin tones. So proud to be a part of this global beauty brand.  

We additionally featured 5 individual women neither defined
by conventional beauty nor societal standards:

As a trans female, Karis is constantly playing with gender fluidity.
She loves to wear makeup but not for makeup to wear her. 



Loving her personality and creating meaningful connections.


Owning and earning her grey hair.
Going natural and loving it at any age. 



The most beautiful people are the confident ones. 
From a small town, learning to work with her unique eye shape and embracing being different.



Loving her natural hair.